Love is all I´ve got
But besides that
Got a share of what´s outside me
Everything within me
Love is all I´ve got, but contempletion

Love is all I have
But beaches and mountains
My wornout shoes, my pain and rain and thunder
And all the things besides that
My rugged bed, I´ve dreamed on it
Piles of love I´ve shed on it

Love is all I´ve got
But a piece of a penny
My body is clean,there´s hair on my chest
I´m willing
Willing to die just for one night
Lean on me baby, I lean on you
Don´t say maybe, love is all I´ve got
Love is all I have, love is all I´ve got
But I ain´t got no money.

The Circle

Look at our lifes
Floating on like in a dream
Within waves of matter
Flowing in a beam
It´s born, it lives and dies
In an eternal stream
Look at our lives.

In the brightness of spring
Life awakens with pride and determination
On a clear summermorning
A rose is calmly weeping
On a cold winternight
Life hides away freezing
But next spring alife and breeding.

From the beginning, there is a long way
But even longer to the final ending
The way is forever and ever bending
It goes around and around without ending
The beginning is the ending
The beginning was the ending


I am going, I am gone
I´m moving away from now
Towards everything I´ll meet on my way

I am leaving the left behind
To meet with promises and hopes
Bound to be on my way

I am leaving, I am leaving
Through walls and needle-eyes
Coming closer,so much closer
The long way
I am moving to the final ending
The final ending
on my way home

I am leaving, I am leaving
Leaving my home to come home
Trouble will strenghten your mind
Winds are blowing with desires
Moving on to find myself
In the middle of the road


Sheila isa little girl, dancing in the dawn of her time
Often there´s a sweet smile,
but sometimes tears in her eyes

Her body now bulging and growing
ahead of her becoming mind
dreams about a lover that can not find

Her young love is caring, for the needing one
Flirting and she´s daring
to be checked all around

Amother of two children devoted she gives so much
Standing on her own now
biting the grudge

Do you see my Sheila
Recognize her smile
You can see her anywhere
if you look for awhile

She is a sensual woman and she knows it by now
Competent and assertive
fights with her you know how

A mother and a lover and a daugther of her times
It´s written in her face now
the merry and the thyme.

Do you see my Sheila
Recognize her smile
She is the girl next to you
You can kiss her tonight

Do you see my Sheila
Recognize her smile
She is the woman next to you
You can love her tonight

Sheila is an old woman, with a smile in her eyes
The worries of a lifetime
makes her look so wise.


Within my mind
I´m racing on in ecstacy
Jumpin up without a worry

I see you, feel you and touch you
Your warm body next to mine
I´m holding you so tight

Come on baby, don´t be afraid
Come on baby lets not wait
Lets play
Fly away together
Be on wings forever
This moment a while together

Can I have this dance
Around they go around,around
Lets join and have some fun

In the moment of love
You and me together bonding
Forevermore with no ending

Round Midnight

It begins to tell
Round midnight, round midnight
I do pretty well, till after sundown
Suppertime I feel so sad
But it really gets bad
Round midnight

Memories always start, round midnight, midnight
Haven´t got the heart to stand those memories
When my heart is still with you
And ol´midnight knows it too

When some quarrel we had needs mending
Does it mean that your love is ending
Darling I need you, lately I find
You´re out of my heart
And I´m out of my mind

Let our love take wings
Round midnight, round midnight
Let the angles sing for your returning
Let our love be safe and sound
And old midnight comes around

Hide away

I hide away and there I´ll stay
Building walls around myself

Breaking through, out of the blue
Walls are rumbeling down

Laughter and crying we share together
A man is a woman´s, a woman is a man´s
A man is a man´s joy forever

Sharing the booze, nothing to loose
Sharing troubles with you
In strange reflections

I´ll get in tune, harmony soon
You don´t see what you don´t know.


I´m sick and tired
Of all those drinks I had
Trying to pay my dues, with a smile
Now all my worries are just swept away
Into the blue mountainside away

I´ve been looking for a way to see
How things works in our mind
How you lose and gain in this game of life
Your image reflected, within relations you have
When people meet people
With feeings and love.

Can we do tomorrow
Things we should have been doing today
Oh the past times are getting in my way
Just looking for something, anything to say
That would make you want to stay

Embrace me with your love tonight
And tell me that you´ll stay
Water my love for you as we play
It´s about the rules of this game
Does it count where you stand
Things you do in your life
Do tey make you feel well


I find myself peeping at a hole
Find myself aiming at a goal
I find myself whithin a frame
So if I´m lost it´s just the same story

I mind you´re coming right on here
I mind you´re coming beeing right in here
I´ll mind you´re going
My mind doesn´t stay
I move right to you right away to you

Within my mind I caught a sight of you
Within my mind I got in touch with you
I´m finding out that wherever I go
I´ll move right to you and you let me know, you do

By sharing things in relations that you have
By sharing things in relations that we have
By sharing all those moments that we had
Memories of good and bad.

I find myself in expressions that you make
I find myself in discussions that we take
And now I´m getting hypnotized
Hypnotized by all those impressions

I look you up in the sunshine and in the rain
I look you up in the sky and in the drain
I look you up just by my side
In far out places where you can´nt hide from me.